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Bahati to spend Ksh 300,000 per term for his daughter’s school fees



Bahati recently revealed that his first born daughter Mueni will be joining Potter House school.


Mueni, his first-born daughter is finally at the age where she can now start school. In as much there are rumors out there that he does not take care of his baby, he has proved all the haters wrong.

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Bahati and is daughter Mueni
Bahati and is daughter Mueni

On his weekly show, Being Bahati, he is seen walking with Mueni into one of the most prestigious and expensive schools in Kenya, Potter House.

Bahati has said it over and over again that he has come from a very poor background and so such things will always shock him.

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As Diana is always pleading, ‘help me remove the shadiness out of this man‘ this time it was evident.

He kept repeating the words of the teacher after something he has never heard of was mentioned.

Mueni's mum and Bahati's ex
Mueni’s mum and Bahati’s ex

An excited Bahati could not stop staring at all the facilities they have to offer for his Daughter including the curriculum and a heated aqua center.

Mueni, who will be attending peach class at Potter house, was taken around the school and given a sneak peek of her classroom.

“I also want my daughter to study with the who is who”

School fees at Poter house has shocked him because the charges are not what he is used to. Bahati then took her to Diana Marua to go shopping in preparation for day one of school.

Here is a break down of the fee structure at PotterHouse


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