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We live on our phone and through our phone. With your iPhone, you store your personal contacts, monthly calendars, grocery lists, diet diaries, exercise out logs, photos from your latest vacation and much more. If you reached your phone or at most of the possibilities, the toilet, or it broke and damaged in another way (knock on the wood), what would you do? Panic may be the first reaction, which looks appropriate, but with the iPhone data recovery software, there is no reason to panic.

Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery Maintenance Software, such as Essasoft Phone Lab, is designed with everyday iPhone users. There are errors, things are removed, the object, the object. Phone Labs works with various auxiliary devices including various iphone, ipad, ipad mini and ipod touch. For earlier versions (for iPhone 4/3 GS, iPad and iPod touch 4), the ISS data recovery software can be much larger than the new device prescriptions. For example, for the first device version, repair nine types of iPhone data notifications, text messages, such as messages, call history, calendars, etc. It also restores 10 types of media content including your photo library, voice mail, message attachments.

Multiples Reasons of Data Lost

Aiseesoft iPhone Data Recovery is provide greatest help to recover ur iPhone lost data in different multiples choices which was lost in different reasons.

Data Delete in case of Accident

Some time we lost our important data and files or deleted files accidently

Water loss

Some time our iPhone droped accidently in toilet, fish tank, swimming pool or thrown in another place.

Busted Parts

The iPhone screen is broken, damaged, chips, cooked or broken.

Restore the factory settings

Some time we lost important data after factory reset of your phone.

IPhone lost / stolen

The phone has been stolen or disappeared for any reason.

System problem

System crash, iOS upgrade failure or accident or jailbreak failure.

Forgot Passcode

The iPhone / iPad / iPod has been turned off but the password has been forgotten.

Device stuck

Apple logo, recovery mode, DFU mode, stuck in headphone mode.

Possiblities of iPhone contacts disappeared

Following are the different iPhone contacts disappeared choies that will be very supported information for iPhone user.

Sign Out of iCloud and Sign in Back

Open Settings app → iCloud (in iOS 10.3, tap on profile and then tip on iCloud.). Tape on tape settings on Tap on Sign Out on the iPhone  and sign in again in popup → Out of iCloud in the Pop-up.Sign, next, leave the settings, now, sign in to your iCloud account.

Start Settings on iPhone »Tip on iCloud. (You need to click on your profile picture in iOS 10.3 or later. Then click on iCloud.)

Delete Previously Synced iCloud Contacts

Tap on iCloud settings on the iPhone & Switch to contacts → Now, you need to tap on deleting from my iPhone.,Close the iCloud contacts on the iPhone,Supported cars addresses and Configure settings app SQuit and re-enter your iPhone.

Once your device’s device is restarted, open the Settings → iCloud. Now you need to switch the switch ahead of the contact.Then, get out of the Settings app, wait for some time. Then, close the contact switch and place it on my iPhone. Now, wait for some time and change the contact .

Restore iPhone using iTunes

If you have backed up your iOS device back up before backing up with iTunes, restart it with this backup.Connect your ISI device to your computer. Trust your computer on your phone and Select your device. Then, click Backup again.

Make sure to check back every backup date and size in the Backup ITunes. Select the most backups. Then, click Restore.

Use a Third-Party Software

There are several third-party software that allows you to restore the lost data files even if you did not backup it. iOSRescue is the top tech data recovery app for iOS. It allows you to easily get lost data on your phone.


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