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2018 Dance Challenges Kenyans have taken up and become pro’s at



Whenever a dance challenge goes viral on social media, you can be sure Kenyans will join in.

The latest being the South African dance challenge.

If you haven’t been able to keep up with the viral choreography madness, see below for a quick recap of all the 2018 dance challenges (so far).


Level Up- Ciara


Kupe Kupe Dance

If you haven’t tried this out yet. Oh boy!


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Shaku Shaku


Malwedhe Dance

In this dance, people tend to fake a collapse.

Kiki Dance

Drake In my feelings signature dance Kiki has been the most viral dance challenge around the world.


Pick it up Dance

It originates from track pick it up by american rapper Famous Dex ft ASAP rocky.


Rosalina Dance

The Rosalina Challenge is a dance which has gone viral on the African continent and across the globe and comes from Rhumba instrumental Rosalina.


Crazy frog Challange


Stir Fry Dance

The dance is from stir fry by Migos and has become super infectious.







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