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‘After taking him to Dubai, he stole money from me’ Vera Sidika exposes her PA



Vera Sidika has been making headlines for a pretty long time and the most recent and hot headline was all about her bedroom affairs with Otile Brown.

She revealed all the details about the size of Otile’s D and whether he is good in the sack.

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown
Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika & artist Otile Brown

She stated that Otile’s mjulubeng is not what made her sing, adding it’s small and should probably be called kijulubeng. Ouch!

Vera went on to brag that she’s the one who taught him how to treat a woman in bed, but his game was still a mess. Aki Vera jamani.

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She was in the mood of exposing people and Otile was not the only one who felt Vera’s wrath.

Vera went on to state that she is a good person but once you take advantage of her kindness, you will not like the other side of her.

Well, if you follow Vera on Instagram, I bet you noticed not so long ago, she travelled to Dubai with her personal assistant and now she has come out to expose him.

She explained that right after they came back from Dubai, he stole money from him, something she didn’t take lightly.

“I am the best human ever. Ask anyone who’s met me. I just hate people who take my kindness for weakness. My P.A enjoyed life. took care of him as a lil brother even took him to dubai. 2 days after we landed in nairobi he stole money from me. Someone i took as family, I eat pasta he eats pasta with me. I dine at burj khalifa he does the same, paid flights to dubai (he’d never been to) & still stole from me. Ask him what happened! He saw a side of me he will never forget.

She went on to reveal that he had done it before, making it clear that the moment someone takes advantage of her, that’s when she blows up

“This was the second time he was stealing from me. People just like taking advantage of me & that’s when I blow up.”

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