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AKOTHEE exposed! She aborted a mzungu man’s unborn twins after he rejected her, she also injects herself with hard drugs.



November 22, 2018
– Around 2016, controversial
singer, Akothee, was admitted at a hospital in Switzerland where she had gone
to visit her mzungu lover.

At that time, she was pregnant with twins.

It was reported that she suffered a
miscarriage that made her lose the unborn twins.

But it has emerged that she was admitted at
the hospital in critical condition after procuring an abortion.

According to Robert Alai, Akothee was
dumped by her mzungu lover when she went to visit him, prompting her to abort
the unborn kids.

Alai further revealed that Akothee has been
injecting herself with hard drugs and that’s why she has needle marks all over
her body.

You went to Switzerland to
follow a mzungu with your sex object Nelly Oaks. Then when the man rejected
you, you aborted and almost died after doing so in the foreign land.
How many kids have you
killed? You must live on Cocaine and Heroin because of the murders of kids you
have committed.
Show us your arms. Needle
marks all over your body.
I have asked my
immigration contacts to put you on watch list on the PISCES system. Utajua
Ingewori e stage marach.
Guok madhako.”
Alai threw jabs at Akothee on his facebook page.


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