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Alaar! Wema Sepetu explains why she was addicted to Diamond Platnumz physical and mental abuse



You see, different women want different things in life; but I’ll tell you for free – there are no women on this face of earth that want; or rather would enjoy being beaten by their spouses.

Well, maybe just little kinky beating – like a spank but a whole slap and punch? No thank you!

Wema Sepetu after Diamond Platnumz beat her up

However Wema Sepetu seems to like or rather enjoys the physical abuse; and thanks to a new post she may have confirmed that something is off about her as a person.

Okay, this is because she encourages her spouses to beat her; like hit, punch and kick? Seriously who is her dealer? And this is the only way she can feel loved by the person she is involved with. What kind of drugs are people abusing these days?

Wema Sepetu

Wema’s friend speaks

Well, if you thought Wema’s post was meant to attract attention on social media; then you’re right but at the same time her close friends have confirmed that she is one weird woman.

A friend identified as Imelda mtema got to weigh in on Wema’s latest post and to our surprise; turns out that this fetish didn’t start just the other day.

Acccording to Imelda, her friend Sepetu always enjoyed getting beaten by Diamond Platnumz; and when asked why – the former model would say she enjoys watching him cry afterwards while begging for forgiveness. Yaani kubembelezwa.

And you still wonder why Zari remains irreplaceable in Diamond’s life?

But again, if it rocks her boat – then why not!

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