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Anerlisa Muigai finally opens up about her fall out with ‘girlfriend’ Natasha



We have all been interested in Anerlisa Muigai’s personal life ever since she became popular.

She was once rumored to be dating a girl by the name Asha Bad*ss. They referred to themselves as girlfriends on social media then suddenly things went silent. Now she is all over social media advertising her love for Ben Pol.

Bad*ss and Anerlisa unfollowed each other on social media, stopped posting about each other as often as they used to, then  completely cut off communication. Anerlisa found another friend, Walter, who replaced Asha Bad*ss but they do not follow each other on social media and she says it is because he really doesn’t want to be part of all the drama in her life.

Asha at one point took to social media to indirectly send diss messages to Anerlisa, prompting  Anerlisa to do the same. That was when it became clear things between them were tense.

During Anerlisa’s weekly QnA segment, she was asked what happened between the two of them, since Asha does not appear on her social media.

we don’t see you with Asha bad*ss anymore. what happened?

She answered, saying the two are no longer friends. Her answer was short and precise indicating she is not about that life anymore.

we are not friends anymore

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Anerlisa was going through a phase in her life that is now over because she’s now in a relationship with Ben Pol. They have been making it very public to a point he wrote a song dedicated to her. Don’t we all want a love like that?

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‘I love you!’ Ben Pol declares his love for Anerlisa in new song

She looks happy so losing Asha Bad*ss is the least of her worries.

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