Aww! This is why Dennis Itumbi is proving to be a good ‘son’ to Jacque Maribe’s parents

Jacque Maribe made her first public statement a few days ago after she went to court to seek access to her house, her phone and car. Basically, her life before all the drama.

The first time that Jacque Maribe was seen in public was a few weekends back when she landed in a chopper at MP Naisula Lesuuda’s wedding in Samburu.

But in a recent application filed in the court, Jacque is far from coy, she has called for the state prosecutor Catherine Mwaniki to be disqualified from prosecuting her murder case.

One thing we have to acknowledge is the ‘friend’ Dennis Itumbi is to Jacque Maribe and her family. He has been there for her from the first day the case kicked off.

Jacque appeared in court and Dennis Itumbi was there to support her and he sat in between Jacque and her father which made the internet make so much noise.

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Dennis posted the picture on social media and caught the attention of many people on social media.

With the #Maribes in court yesterday. May Justice like a mighty stream flow and favor all. ( Photo Credits to the photographer)

The day he appeared in court he saw the stress Jowie is going through and supported the decision of the court to grant Jowie medical attention at Kenyatta National Hospital and if not the court will grant him the privilege of choosing a hospital he prefers.


Surely, we cannot hold a man in need of medication. What if he dies in our hands? Is it possible to allow the family to produce a car and prisons provide guard. I order that the accused be admitted at KNH today, whether Gvt owes KNH money or not. No fee should be demanded from the accused. If he is not admitted today, the court will allow him to seek medical treatment at a hospital of his choice. It is so ordered

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