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Best Apps To Watch Online Movies





Watching movies wherever you want in the desired way is a blessing in itself. We have enlisted the best applications that can revitalize your movie watching experience in multiple ways. The supported applications can reduce the overall size of the movies and make it easy to download the files with slow internet connection. Forget about facing the hassles of over internet connectivity and unavailability of movie shows. Simply pay for the premium services of movie watching applications and enjoy best of services for free. Alternatively, if you can tolerate add interruption and a little amount of delay while the movie is being downloaded, below mentioned applications can be enjoyed for free.


Best Apps To Watch Online Movies  

1) ShowBox- being one of the most preferred movie applications, showbox has a huge entertainment data in form of TV series and movies. The user friendly application can be downloaded in your Android gadget for streaming the best videos having the finest quality. For many people, show box is a miniature Android. You can download high quality stuff for offline usage.
Download ShowBox For Android

2) Hulu -within just few years, Hulu application has accumulated quite a large user base. Just the way YouTube has been the best company for providing online content for streaming, Hulu also has on-demand library and several other things put together. The catchiest name ever, Hulu TV application offers different varieties of online streaming services. It gives us direct cable watching experience and supports multiple devices so that we do not keep away from the featured application.

Hulu TV watching application can be embedded with streaming devices like Xbox one, Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Amazon fire TV. TV has always been supported on Microsoft edge and iOS devices. One of the most important features of the application includes 50 hours of free entertainment storage. You need to pay a little amount of money is wmm features are required. You cannot fast forward the commercial if an extra charge of $15 per month is not paid. Along with the removal of unwanted advertisements, hulu  allows you to enjoy up to 200 hours of entertainment when you purchase premium package.

Download Hulu

3) Netflix- Netflix has gone viral as one of the best movie applications. The streaming service has more features than you can ever imagine. It can help you to remove those guilty pleasures and enjoy things out of the box through Netflix secret codes. You can download any number of movies and TV episodes while saving them for later entertainment. You don’t have to stream the content all the time in order to access it. The offline feature can let you have it all permanently in the Media Library. Furthermore, the application allows you to create your own personal profile so that there is a list of everything you like. The automatic subscription means that you have a permanent access to TV shows and movies without thinking about the bill payment. The Secret audiobook collection on Netflix is again admirable.


 All you need to do is click upon the title of each audiobook and you can hear everything clearly while visualising things in your mind. The best thing is that Netflix can never judge you for what you have been watching all that while. The 30 day Countdown allows you to enjoy everything for free unlimited. It clearly demonstrates the way it works and later on requires you to pay a price of Rs 500 for 1 your subscription. Therefore if you are thinking to revolutionize your online streaming experience, Netflix is the best streaming sites to choose.

Download Netflix

4) FreeFlix Hq – built-in Player and Chromecast support or not the only features that freeflix HQ have. It has a lot more than an aggregate TV watching application can portray. The latest version of freeflix HQ has the best Chromecast support. In other words, you can watch whatever you want on a bigger screen with a single click. Furthermore, the download option can let you enjoy multiple movies simultaneously. Subscribe to your favourite TV shows using freeflix HQ and get the awesome look of your gadget. The powerful player displays fully featured content In high resolution.

Download Freeflix Hq App

5) Crackle – Movies & TV- if you are fond of watching free movies on your Android gadget, crackle movies and TV is the best application you can go for. The huge collection of Hollywood movies displayed right on your small screen is definitely going to steal your heart. Furthermore, you can enjoy movies like stranger than fiction, Mr deeds, saving Silverman, layer cake, Big Daddy and many more in HD quality for free.

Download Crackle

 So, this is it folks, these are the some of the best apps to watch the movies online and you can also download then as well and enjoy offline. So, make sure that you have sufficient space in your gadget while you download any of the above mentioned applications. Having lack of space Can result in freezing up of movies in the middle of Nowhere or facing buffering error. Stay out of it and have maximum space in your gadget in case you choose to download the content




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