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Beware of con artists selling fake coupons – police



Police have warned Nairobi residents of the return of conmen who lure people to buy coupons under the false promise that they will win prizes.

An accomplice of the ringleader of the racketeers has been arrested, police said.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the National Police Service said they arrested Peter Gitau Kibe, an associate of John Ng’ethe Mwaura, the mastermind of the con game.

He was nabbed following a tip-off from the public.

“The racketeers were sighted today along Moi Avenue preying on unsuspecting Kenyans,” the police said.

The group had disappeared from the CBD following the arrest of Mwaura earlier this year.

He was charged with assaulting a police officer and maliciously damaging his property.

The police said Mwaura passes himself off as an overseer of the Christ Love International Ministry.

“Before his arrest earlier this year, the group used a car with registration number KBY 546M. But now we have information that they are using a different one, a station wagon KBL 247X,” police said.

Agents lure victims to buy coupons from a car parked by the street and promise they will redeem prices (which don’t exist), police said.

The group makes money by selling coupons but no one ever wins anything.

“We caution all to remain vigilant and inform us in case they see the group,” the police said.

The racketeers operate early in the day at the intersection between Tom Mboya Street and Ronald Ngala Street.

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