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Bizarre case of teenage boys ‘forced’ to drink chemicals instead of ‘shrine water’



Two boys aged 16 and 17 from Mirangine sub-county, Nyandarua, are recovering at a hospital in Ol Kalou after they were forced to consume hydrogen peroxide by an unknown person.

The two had been circumcised six days earlier. Winnie Wakarima, the nursing officer in charge at J.M.Hospital, on Sunday evening said the two were received at the facility at 5pm Sunday unconscious.

“They had a history of having been given poison, hydrogen peroxide, by a person unknown to them. He slapped them and ran away after they lost balance,” she said

The culprit is said to have run away after the victims started vomiting.

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A brother to one of them smelt the chemical as he was passing near the house they were in, and upon checking found the boys unconscious.

He alerted their caretakers who took them to hospital where they were admitted.

“We gave them first aid, resuscitated them, and then gave them drugs and IV fluids as they had vomited. They are in a stable condition but one is still confused,” Wakarima said.

The boys’ caretakers declined to talk to journalists. A Mkorino faithful, identified only as Mwangi, who accompanied them, and who claimed to be the boys’ neighbour denied that they were forced to take hydrogen peroxide by an unknown person.

Mwangi said the compound where they live is secure and no stranger can get access without being noticed as there is a perimeter wall and round the clock security.

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Their caretakers, he said, locked the house they were living in any time they left.

He said they were given the chemical by a person well known to them though not deliberately. The culprit, he said, had been sent to get shrine water for the boys but instead, he confused and took the container with the chemical.

He said the person who gave them hydrogen peroxide got worried after discovering he had given them the chemical used to clean milk cylinders.

“We gave them milk which made them vomit. We decided to bring them to hospital for more medication since we did not know if the chemical is dangerous and what could happen next,” he said

Mwangi said the two cannot speak the truth as they have been having hallucinations for over a week where they have been saying they are attacked by evil spirits.

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