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The recent claims by Bungoma senator Moses Wetang’ula that Bungoma county government had issued over Sh100million in the form of imprest which has allegedly not been accounted for a long time has sparked serious controversy in his Ford Kenya party.

A tough-talking Wetang’ula in a press conference at his residence in Bungoma town, further warned that his Ford Kenya sponsored government of Governor Wycliffe Wangamati has betrayed the people of Bungoma.


Senator Wetang’ula also talked about corruption occasioned to Bungoma by Wangamati government but could not specify any particular incident claiming that he had evidence from audit report.

He reported that at a meeting of Ford Kenya MCAs but the MCAs were skeptical about those claims with some of them warning that the senator may be forced to lay bare his true role in the mismanagement of funds in the county.

Following these allegations, it is now emerging that the party of the late Wamalwa Kijana may be on the brink of collapse because according to political observers the senator and his cronies seem to be hellbent on using the party to skim money not only from Bungoma county but Trans Nzoia county as well.

Wycliffe Wangamati

One MCA who spoke on condition he is not named alleged that Senator Wetang’ula and his family members have over the years even during governor Ken Lusaka government blackmailed the county government to give them lucrative contracts or pay them cash allegedly for party protection.

Our investigations reveal that while there may be real issues of corruption which should be investigated his unexpected outburst has more to do with his demand for money from the county government other than the need to protect Bungoma people.


It is also understood that part of the problem is Senator Wetang’ula inability to explain to the Ford Kenya fraternity over the squander of over Sh6 million which was raised from unknown sources from Bungoma ostensibly to fund the campaign of Ford Kenya candidate in the recent Kibra by-elections.

Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka

The issue of Ford Kenya’s dismal performance in Kibra by-election was surprisingly explained by the senator himself, who said with over 800 agents the party could only get 264 votes, Ford-Kenya members are asking what became of Sh6 million.

As a matter of fact, the squander of that money has a lot to do with the senator’s style of managing the once vibrant and popular party in Kenya to a mere shadow of itself.

Joseck Khaoya from Kabuchai said it is time that Wetang’ula and his family relieved the county of the kind of circus that are involving us in.Bungoma.

Our investigations and review of Bungoma since the advent of devolution reveals a litany of corrupt incidents beginning with the infamous Sh1million non-carcinogenic wheelbarrows and th Says Christopher Wachilonga from center Kwanza in Trans Nzoia County e many other white elephant projects such as the Sh100million chicken project and the skin leather tannery among others do not seem to augur well for the county given the new corruption revelations.


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