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‘Concern yourself with things that you do’ Eric Wanaina defends his gay colleagues



The discussion on LGBT has become a daily dose as Kenyans are trying to accept that yes, we do have gay people and it’s okay as Eric Wanaina shared his two cents.

The afro-fusion artiste Eric Wainaina took the debate head-on, making some shocking remarks while delivering a keynote address at the Africa Conference For Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases last week.

A lot of our colleagues are gay. Who someone chooses to love has nothing to do with you. Concern yourself with things that you do

Basically, Eric Wanaina thinks the generation has changed and LGBT people have come out of the closet and want to be accepted and respected just like any other human being. He says we should stop conforming to the old ways of life.

We have to play our part in defining Africa’s present and future agenda. We can’t let the agenda be decided by the conservative, polyester, oversized suit, bald-headed men

Eric Wanaina has been openly speaking about things that affect the entertainment industry.

Just a month ago, he led fellow artistes in slamming Brand Kenya after they failed to help advertise the play, Ting Tales that Eric Wanaina and team were called upon to perform in New York.

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The three-day pan–African conference took place at the Kenya National Theater, bringing together music industry players from over 10 countries.

At the opening of the conference, Eric Wainaina was feted with the 2018 Music In Africa Honorary Award.

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