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Has a plan been hatched within Jubilee Party to remove Aden Duale from the position of the Majority Leader in the National Assembly? It is reported that a section of MPs from the party, especially those from Mt Kenya region, are unhappy with Duale and his role in the amendments that are said to have been sneaked into the Co-operative Societies Act. Already Trade and Co-operatives CS Peter Munya has said he is not aware and neither did his office originate the controversial changes. Some alleged grounds of Duale’s removal have been leaked and only time will tell if those behind the move will execute their threats.


A former legislator from the western region recently astonished shoppers at a supermarket. According to our mole, the ex-lawmaker who is not known to be well off or flamboyant made a surprise heavy shopping of household goods. The man who has become the talk of the region after assuming a new lifestyle is said to have flashed out a wad of new banknotes to pay for his goods. Soon after paying, the man who was described as being in a jovial mood, walked to the loading area to wait for new sofa sets among other furniture to be packed into a waiting lorry.


A governor of a county in South Nyanza is under pressure to sack his chief of staff. Those in the know have whispered to Corridors how the county official in collusion with the economic advisor to the governor conspired and defrauded more than Sh6 million meant for per diems of other officers who participated in the recently concluded Lake Region Economic Block conference in Bomet. The man is said to have been confronted by county executive members in charge of Tourism and Agriculture who demanded to know why their drivers were not paid their allowances despite the allocation for all drivers covering four days being factored into the committee budget.


Still in Nyanza, a senior politician from the region who has the ears of influential individuals from Mt Kenya region with links to State House is said to have struck a deal two weeks ago. The politician is said to have met with the individuals in a birthday party at an exclusive club in Nairobi. He is said to have reported that he was being harassed by a county governor. In response, he was assured that the State will deal with the county boss. According to a source, the governor is already undergoing harassment and being investigated for corruption.

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