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  JUST a week after Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett declared a crackdown on matatus that are non-compliant with traffic rules, it appears old habits are slowly creeping back. For instance, on Monday morning, the illegal touting gang that conducts its activities at the junction of Ronald Ngala street and Uyoma Lane could be seen flagging down public service vehicles and ordering passengers to alight right in the middle of the road. The touts seem to have their way considering that they conduct their business right below a CCTV camera that is linked to the command centre at the Police headquarters. And in another part of CBD, at the University of Nairobi roundabout, a traffic police officer on a motorbike found two matatus picking passengers. He directed them to drive behind him but as they approached Museum Hill, the drivers and conductors of the two matatus alighted and went to “greet” the policeman before they were allowed to proceed with their journey.


  A Jubilee party official is in trouble. Reason? A source has told Corridors that his wife has hired private investigators to trail the man she suspects to be having an affair with a female MP from Rift Valley. The source told Corridors that the situation in the family of the young man is so tense that the wife has had to suspend the man from enjoying his conjugal rights until the investigation is concluded. The youthful businesswoman is said to have gotten wind from her pals at a party that her husband has been spotted at various city malls with the MP shopping and frolicking. The bitter woman is not stopping at that; she is reported to have asked her private investigators to visit the department of Immigration at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to check reports that at some point, the two love birds may have traveled out of the country for a summer holiday in an Arab country. The woman has vowed that she will expose the “husband-snatching legislator” if it is true.


  SOME allies of Deputy President William Ruto have linked the onslaught by three MPs —Alfred Keter, Silas Tiren and Joshua Kuttuny — to Baringo senator Gideon Moi. However, a group of MPs from Rift Valley and Mt Kenya have different intelligence. Actually, the three are executing the instructions of four individuals who call the shots in Jubilee. “The individuals who are against Ruto succeeding President Kenyatta have ordered that they should have unfettered access to State House,” one was overheard saying. 

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