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Covid-19: Take precautions while purchasing PPEs – Kenyans urged





Kenya Airways has this week begun producing protective masks from unused materials from its stores.
Kenyans urged to take precaution while purchasing PPEs

Kenyans have been urged to exercise to extreme caution while purchasing Personal Protective Equipment as the country grapples with the deadly Covid-19.

The Anti-Counterfeit Authority is concerned by a surge in counterfeits and substandard sanitizers and facemasks that has been the norm in Kenyan streets.

So far the agency has arrested 18 importers and stockists dealing in the illegal and substandard protective gears.

The governments’ directive to have Kenyans don masks in public places, wash hands and sanitize often in efforts to stem the spread of coronavirus, has created a demand for personal protective safety equipment.


In hindsight, this demand has also created an opportunity for unscrupulous traders to engage in illicit trade as counterfeit and substandard items flood the market.

Johnson Adera from the Anti-counterfeit authority says downtown river road has become a den for the printing of fake mark of quality stamps, a chain the agency is monitoring with a view to apprehending the masterminds.

Between March 13th, when Kenya announced its first Covid-19 case to date, the authority had arrested 18 importers and suppliers dealing in both counterfeits and substandard safety items.

Adera notes that barbershops, salons and public service vehicles are most susceptible to counterfeits and substandard items.

As such the authority is a calling for public collaboration in reporting these incidences so as to protect the local manufacturing industry and save lives.

Going forward Kenyans have been urged to be cautious in their purchases and look for the tell-tale signs of fake products that include lack off marks of quality and failing the laid out guidelines.