Customers Would Line up for Fuel at My Fuel Station

My name is Abdi a fuel station investor in Kisumu. There were several petrol stations in Kisumu including mine. That would mean to root people to be my customers was a difficult task. Despite all this, I still had my fuel station which I had hope would still make a lot of money despite the competition challenges from other rooted businesses.

I would be supplied with fuel from Mombasa through my transit trucks. The business was flooded with customers mostly the senior political class. As usual, when a business attracts profits no one wants to share the secret to their business success. But through determination and hard work, I was slowly becoming successful.

My Mobile Money Transfer Business Was One Of The Best After Meeting This Man

It wasn’t an easy task Despite all these challenges I kept on doing the business for I knew the good returns I was making. Some business persons had crooked ways of making money through the business, like inflating prices and flooding the oil market with cheap oil products. Which meant genuine oil products did not stand a chance to sell in the market.

The business required commitment and patience as challenges acted as setbacks and soft-hearted business people didn’t stand a chance. The only way I survived was by seeking some business spells from Dr. Mugwenu who has helped business people through business challenges.

My Mobile Money Transfer Business Was One Of The Best After Meeting This Man

Since then my business was much embraced by customers. There would be queues as customers scrambled for the commodity at my station. They would flock to my business to some point, I had to keep on ordering for more since they had exhausted all the merchandise.

Dr. Mugwenus’s spells had made my business increase in profits. At some point, people with similar businesses wanted to know the secret to my business success. Some said I was having some rogue powers which led to the success of my business. My business patterns changed as I went to the point of opening another business with the profits I got from my first.

My Wife Ran Away With All the Money From my Shop While at Work

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