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Cyber attacks in Kenya rise 59% in Q2, 2021-Kaspersky



Cyber Attacks in Kenya recorded a significant increase in the banking and financial sector in Q2 2021 compared to Q1, 2021, at 59%. This is according to the latest research findings by Kaspersky, a Russian global cybersecurity company.

Kaspersky research also shows that in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria, the top malware families used were crypto-miner malware, financial/banking Trojans and ransomware.

Kaspersky reports a 24% increase in ransomware in Q2 2021 in South Africa and an increase of 14% in crypto-miner malware. In Nigeria, Kaspersky saw a significant increase in financial/banking trojans in Q2 2021, pegged at a 32% upsurge.

Kaspersky says Africa has been hit at the same rate as rest of the world

According to David Emm, Principal Security Researcher at Kaspersky, Africa has suffered the exact hits as other parts of the globe regarding cyber activity and attacks.

The Russian company says COVID-19 has presented a chance for cybercriminals to attack, using malware, using every available opportunity to hack into systems.

While most of the invasions have been random and speculative, targeting businesses and individuals, there is now a slow shift to more advanced and strategic and persistent attacks.

Cybercriminals are now more underground, advanced and use sophisticated hacking methods to access any systems and remain inside for more extended periods, with damaging consequences.

Africa’s growing financial sector remains a prime target as more players in this industry shift to digital platforms to meet customer needs and expectations.

Hackers quickly access financial information on the computers of individuals by capturing passcodes and one-time passwords.

Emm says hackers target new entrants into the digital financial space, especially by intercepting online transactions, which give them quick cash.

Cyber-attacks have now become more sophisticated than a few years back and has even evolved into a business.

Figures from Kaspersky research indicate that close to 10% of all computers worldwide had at least one malware attack.

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