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Demoted KRA commissioner returns in unclear way – Weekly Citizen




Kenya Revenue Authority assistant commissioner at the port of Mombasa under whose watch the authority experienced a heist of 210 cargo containers disappearing in a record two days from the port has bought his way back into power through his godfather, the current Commissioner General, James Mburu at the authority.
The assistant commissioner Joseph Kaguru all along had been boasting of having State House connections and protection. It has now become clear it was not the head of state who was protecting him as he robbed the authority in broad day light, but the current commissioner who was then a senior and powerful ISO commissioner at the Times Tower.
It has also emerged that the officer was taking direct orders from Times Towers, to carry out the aided tax evasions that prevailed during his tenure as the incharge of revenue collections at the port, before he was smoked out and sent packing to a dormant station in Kisumu, where he has been scheming his latest move to reinvent his antics in a much powerful position, that of the regional coordinator – Coast region.
According to insiders, Kaguru outsmarted all government arms at the port of Mombasa in 2010 and created a cargo movement snarl-up from the cargo terminal, then activated his underground machinery to swiftly create the much needed space by decongesting the suffocating cargo terminals in a speedy move, which left the authority at a loss with 210 high value cargo containers missing without trace in only two days.



That move alone cost the government billions of shillings in lost revenue, money said to have ended up in his godfather’s bank accounts where he drew his share – money that has made Kaguru the rich man that he is today, and now he is able to buy his way back to the Coast, as the regional boss, of course, with the backing of his godfathers including none other than the Commissioner General himself.
In 2018, Kaguru was involved yet again in a scandal where undocumented six containers of highly valued ethanol were released from the port of Mombasa with no paper work, without declaring the importer and the value of the ethanol plus how much was paid in taxes to the authority.
The above consignment raised the attention of the I & E department who moved in to trace the disappeared cargo only to find out that Kaguru was deeply involved in the racket and when confronted, he said the ethanol was imported by a cousin of the president, thus released tax-free.
Kaguru who has many cases at the KRA’s Investigations and Enforcement Department has shocked many senior commissioners at the authority as to why he has not been sent home packing, when officers with simple suspicious cases have been summarily dismissed.
It is during Kaguru’s helm at the port of Mombasa, when the country saw increase into transshipment of cargo.
This involved cargo that had arrived at the port of Mombasa on larger vessels, off-loaded and transferred to the Mombasa Old Port, reloaded onto smaller vessels purportedly for transshipment to Zanzibar or Comoros but usually returned secretly into the country by offloading the same cargo at some hidden smaller ports on the shores of the Indian Ocean.
In the above move, Kaguru was outrightly assisting Somali and Arab business persons in evading tax just as he allowed the influx of illegally imported and undocumented sugar from Kiunga to be allowed into Bondeni warehouses in thousands of metric tonnes where there are no KRA records on these importations.
The proud owner of Beach Road Mall in Nyali, Mombasa, cared only about himself but not the authority he claims to work for, thus his was to mint money and wealth which has seen him recently acquire a high-end 100-acre coffee plantation at Sikuta in Nyeri, in addition to the eight floor flats he is putting up at Ruringu 2 kilometres from Nyeri on Othaya Road.
This is the man who is set to take over from the current Coast regional coordinator, favoured for his close connections with the current Commissioner General and his connections at the State House plus the financial muscle he enjoys and the ability to buy his way out every time.

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