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Diamond Platnumz plans to wed on Valentine’s Day



The year is about to end Diamond is still making headlines. Not so long ago, he revealed that he has found love and that he loves one lady called Tanasha. Many have speculated that the said Tanasha is Kenyan model, Tanasha Donna.

It seems Diamond is very serious with all this relationship thing and he has finally talked about marriage.

The singer has scheduled it for February 14th 2019, a Thursday that is set to see the singer walk down the aisle with the love of his life.

He told Wasafi media that,

Nimepanga harusi yangu iwe Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s Day is the day we all celebrate love and Diamond has also revealed that the event will take place for four days.

“Valentine’s day will be on a Thursday, so I’ll do it from Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My wedding. Its that way so far, if there is anything different, I will change the dates.”

He says he is under pressure to tie the knot now that he has almost achieved everything he wanted. He adds that he wanted a woman that would help him with running his business.

“But I really want to get married. I have all the reasons to Marry. I have done alot of things. I need to settle down. I have invested in many businesses, I have a TV station, radio and digital platform, a record label. I need a woman who will help me handle all that. I can’t handle them alone. I need someone whom I can talk to and know what our future is.”

Diamond Platnumz

Asked whether he is planning to marry Kenyan model Tanasha Donna, the singer smiled and said,

People should just wait.

He also revealed that he as a Muslim is ready to marry four wives.

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