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Drama as woman storms wedding [PHOTOS]



Susan Shikuku stormed the church where her estranged husband, Pastor Dismus Ndula, was secretly marrying Jackata Naville. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

Drama unfolded at Emmanuel Worship Church in Kakamega town yesterday following attempts by a woman to stop a wedding ceremony.
The mother of three claimed she is legally married to the groom although they separated last year over some misunderstanding.
“We have two sons and a daughter aged 16,14 and 11 years, the firstborn is in Form One,” said Susan Shikuku.
“I love my husband but he has decided to marry another wife yet we are not divorced. We just separated for a short period,” argued the jilted woman who attempted to stop the late afternoon wedding at the church located at Jua-kali slums.

Pastor Dismus Ndula and Jackata Naville. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

She said the wedding was to take place at the church’s branch at Shianda where they used to live with his estranged husband, Dismas Ndula, who is a pastor before they separated.
“I will not allow my husband to marry another woman because we are still married, we have children and we must be committed to raising our family,” Susan said.
But her bid to disrupt the ceremony didn’t deter Bishop Wilfred Ngoya, who had been invited to officiate the wedding to do his job.
Security agents in civilian were at the church to ensure everything was done in accordance with the plan.

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The bridegroom, Jackata Navile and the groom sat silently in their blue plastic chairs, maybe praying for the ground to open and swallow them as the drama unfolded.

Pastor Dismus Ndula and Jackcta Naville sitting pensively at Emmanuel Worship Church in Kakamega. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

At one point, the groom had to move a little far away from the bride after the situation became worse only to take up his seat and quickly exchange vows marking the end of the chaotic ceremony.
Susan had planted informers at both Shianda and in Kakamega who could alert her about the wedding. “They had two venues in order to confuse me but I had my informers in both the churches who kept relaying the information as it happened.”
With the informers on high alert, it was easy for Susan to trace her husband’s movement from Shianda where he could be seen making frantic calls outside the church in the morning before sneaking to Kakamega where he was expected to secretly tie the knot with his newfound lover.
The mid-afternoon spectacle attracted a huge crowd some of who took sides and threatened to storm the church unless the wedding was stopped.
Sex workers who live near the church hurled insults at the groom and the bride for conspiring to marry secretly.
With the police assistance, the newly wedded couple managed to sneak out of the church and escaped in awaiting police car.

Police officers intervened and whisked the couple away from the venue. [Benjamin Sakwa, Standard]

Bishop Ngoya claimed that Susan separated from the pastor about ten years ago and “she even visited one day and took away everything from their house. We thought their marriage was over.” 
According to him, it was not possible for the pastor to continue leading celibate life after the separation.
“I was invited here to pray for the couple because the wedding was conducted at Shianda, the ceremony didn’t deserve all these,” said Ngoya.

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