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Eastlands hustler! This was King Kaka’s side hustle before the fame



King Kaka sold rabbits as a child because of the struggles his mother was going through, making them even skip meals.

“I started selling rabbits in class one in Maringo estates,” Kaka said in an interview.

The Dundaing hit maker started business to also cater for his school fees

“I said I want a different storyline for my life and also give my children the best life as well. I started business in high school. I was business-minded, selling kaimati, clothes, so I would manage to pay my school fees in both high school and college. That same spirit I have taken it to music and my empire,” he said.

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Before King Kaka became the monster music Icon you all know, his street moniker was Rabbit, when he joined the entertainment game.

What led to the name change? He explained to Adelle and Shaffie that he had to change his name because he was growing and had to discover new avenues.

“We have to grow. Kuna line ingine Jay Z husema ‘You want my old songs, buy my old albums’. The Rabbit wa ten years ago si huyu wa sahi, but Rabbit is my foundation. He has inspired me but also as I grow I’m discovering new avenues.”

Adding, “King Kaka akona new opportunities and I’m a family man now. Rabbit alikua hustler, trying to find his way. I’m finding my way here but my thought process now is different, my journey has changed. Ningekua ule Rabbit tu, mngesema kwani huyu msee is not growing. I’m now an inspiration not only to Eastalndo people but to everyone who has seen my journey. I also inspire myself.”

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King Kaka will be releasing his fifth album, ‘Eastlando Royalty’, on November 30 at Uhuru Gardens.

His album will also be available on Songa by Safaricom and you can get the app by dialing *812# or visit Google App Store.

Here’s the full interview;


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