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Edgar Obare brutally exposes Shaq The Yungin’s fake lifestyle



Edgar Obare brutally exposes Shaq The Yungin’s fake lifestyle

You step into Edgar Obare’s toes and you should be prepping for an unending public roast from him.

His latest victim being radio personality, Shaq The Yungin.

The Kenyan radio host provoked the controversial YouTuber for his blunt exposes that either make or break an individual.

So now Edgar, pulled up his sleeves to deal with the self-proclaimed Nairobi’s youngest sponsor – Shaq – just so that he learns his lesson.

The NRG radio personality went after Edgar’s ‘Hide My Identity’ individuals and this sure did not sit well with the influential blogger who ruthlessly clapped back.


Edgar unearthed stories around Shaq Oduk and it is nothing anyone could be proud of.

On the latest, Edgar exposed Shaq for living ‘a fake till you make it’ type of lifestyle.

Following closely were allegations that Shaq ‘is broke and resides in his mother’s house’.

He wasn’t done yet, further exposing Shaq for being dependent on other people to cater for his lavish lifestyle by ‘asking people to buy him drinks in the club’.

Shaq’s ‘fake’ lifestyle dragged along his circle of friends inclusive of Kenyan girl, Tanasha Donna, her bestie, Barak Jacuzzi and Sean Preezy.

Fans shamed them for ‘being broke’ and flaunting ‘social media lifestyles’ that are not in existence.

To top it up, a video of Shaq being sloppy drunk and shoe-less leaked with Kenyans out to point at every mistake in his kind of lifestyle.