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Ellen DeGeneres rewards Kenyan with millions for warming her heart



Ellen DeGeneres has always been generous and has helped a lot of people whom she feels are worth being lend a helping hand. And that is exactly what she has done to a Kenyan.

Well, she has done it again and rewarded a Kenyan man with Sh.2.5 million.

Lawrence is a Kenyan who lives in the US and is a certified registered nurse working with the old people. He went ahead and sent Ellen a video expressing how he loves what she does for people.

“I wish to see you because I love you…I love what you do, I love how you suprise people, I love how you give people chances,” Lawrence said.

When she saw the video, she invited him to her show and Lawrence couldn’t believe that he was standing in front of her.

He was born in Kenya and at the age of 19 he won the US green card. He shared with Ellen how he really struggled with culture shock, plus people made fun of him because of his accent.

Things were tough for him but he had to stay strong because he had a family back home that he had to take care of.

Upon learning that Larry had sacrificed going to college just to pay school fees for his brother and sister, Ellen as always surprised him things that will help him through college and went ahead to give him $25,000.

Watch the video below;

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