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‘Embarambamba Mkikuyu’: Singer Scares The Studio After Showing Up With Wooden Clothes



Popular Mugithi artiste 90K Ka Msoh has already tried to package himself in a unique way. His dressing always steals the show.

He went viral a few years ago for dressing like a jailbird while performing and playing the guitar. He has also spotted performing while dressed like an astronomer

But today he shocked his fans when he showed up to perform on Kameme TV breakfast show with wooden clothes.

He was calm and wondered why the presenters were shocked.

“You think I look funny? I’m okay and sober. I live my life the way I want. This life is too short, so just enjoy,” he said.

Asked what gave him the inspiration to put on wooden clothes, he did not have an answer.

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However, he denied using bhang as some people were alluding.

Fans compared him to controversial gospel musician Embarambamba, who likes dancing in the mud or while on top of the trees.

Others asked whether his clothes were made by a tailor or a carpenter.

At the end of the day, he delivered an electrifying performance.

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