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Ex Governor Kidero’s wife Dr Susan Mboya tells off EACC on her property, says she is not part of the probe



Has Ethics and Anti-Corruption commission (EACC) extended its probe to former Nairobi governor Dr Evans Kidero’s wife? The anti graft agency which has been probing Dr Kidero on his graft allegations might have stretched its hands to his wife, Dr Susan Mboya.

Dr Mboya has faulted the Commission for treating her as if she is an extension of Kidero’s property in investigations they are conducting into the latter’s source of wealth.

In an affidavit filed in court, Susan says she has been married to Kidero for the last seven years and prior to that she had acquired several properties and continue to acquire more through her own personal resources and means not connected with Kidero.

“The commission has treated me as though I am an appendage, extension of a property to Kidero yet I am a separate legal entity and person entitled to own property without attachment to Kidero. These acquisitions are my personal properties which cannot be associated with Kidero,” reads part of her affidavit

According to the Star, Susan says there can be no justification in the commission’s seizure of documents and items that are personal to her and not related to Kidero or the investigations being undertaken against him.

Some of the documents unlawfully seized from Susan by the commission include her will, personal income records, investment mortgage documents and ongoing transactions.

She says the commission’s continued invasion into her privacy for the sole reason that she is Kidero’s wife continues a gross violation of her rights.

“I am a professional lady of international standing with a substantial income of my own and not just a mere appendage and property of Kidero who is a dependent spouse as portrayed in the cations of the commission in lumping kidero’s affairs with mine,” she says.

“These documents and items are of a very personal and confidential nature and it is very prejudicial to me that the same were seized and continue being held by the commission notwithstanding the order for their immediate release to me,” she adds.

Do you think the anti-graft commission should seize her property in a case that involves her husband?

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