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Eyebrows Raised As Mulamwah And Carrol Sonie Unfollow Each Other On Instagram (Screenshot)



Mulamwah and his exquisite girlfriend Carrol Sonie are giving netizens goosebumps after they unfollowed each other on their Instagram pages. This happens just over 2 months after they welcomed their bundle of joy Keilah Oyando and introduced her to the public.

A break-up might be looming for the two sweethearts who had already started to woo netizens with couple goals; not to mention endless DMs that Mulamwah was receiving from girls who wanted to sire kids with him.

He reprimanded them publicly and claimed that he’s not interested;

”Too many ladies in my DM wanting to have a kid with me. Am not interested. Thanks.”

Mulamwah had already gifted Sonie with over Ksh 200K after a successful delivery of their child.

”Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. I love you so much,” he said as he gave her flowers. “I will add some KSh 200k more to your account. You will see what to do with it. I was saving KSh 1k every day to accumulate this,” Mulamwah added.”

Both of them have since remained silent on why they’ve unfollowed each other. But in a country full of clout chasers, a good number of netizens are yet to believe the break-up rumours.

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