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Foreign owned banks in Kenya 2021 2022



Most of you have been asking us about the foreign banks in Kenya. In this article, we shall reveal all the info on the same. In our previous article, we shared a simplified list of the best international banks in Kenya. Today, we shall enlighten you on all the foreign-owned banks in Kenya from the year 2021 to 2022.

First, several foreign-owned banks in Kenya are locally incorporated institutions by the Kenyan government. Similarly, other foreign-owned banks in Kenya have partially incorporated institutions by the locals in the country. And some of the banks are fully recognized as foreign-owned.

In this article, we shall list the foreign owned banking institutions in Kenya as well as those that are locally incorporated in the country. Have a look at the list beneath from our most recent findings.

Foreign owned banks in Kenya 2021 2022

  1. Bank of India, Kenya.
  2. Citibank N.A. Kenya.
  3. Habib Bank A.G. Zurich. And,
  4. Habib Bank Ltd, Kenya.

Foreign owned banks but locally incorporated institutions (Partly owned by locals)

  1. Bank of Baroda Kenya Limited.
  2. Barclays Bank of Kenya Limited.
  3. Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Ltd.
  4. K-Rep Bank Limited.
  5. Standard Chartered Bank of Kenya Ltd.
  6. Ecobank Ltd, Kenya.
  7. Gulf Africa Bank (K) Limited. And,
  8. First community Bank Kenya.

Foreign-owned banks but locally incorporated institutions

  1. Bank of Africa Kenya Ltd.
  2. UBA Kenya Bank Limited.

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