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2022 Politics: Former senators allege plot to make Kenyatta prime minister





Former senators, Khalwale, Muthama and Omar

Three former senators now claim there is a plot to install  President Uhuru Kenyatta or his brother Muhoho Kenyatta as prime minister after the next general election.

Mr Johnson Muthama (Machakos), Dr Boni Khalwale (Kakamega) and Hassan Omar Hassan (Mombasa) said this will be achieved by changing  the Constitution through a referendum.

They said the recent coalition deal between Kanu and Jubilee Party, as well as the Handshake between President Kenyatta and Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga, are meant to help to achieve this plan.

“Disguised as an emerging coalition arrangement and its resultant government of national unity is a consensual and calculated scheme by ‘contracting’ parties to have a Kenyatta succeed Uhuru Kenyatta with the  promise of a piece of the pie.

They added: “In the event that the country can be subjected to a referendum to enable a powerful executive prime minister, then Uhuru Kenyatta will be Kenya’s prime minister. In the event of a watered-down version of a prime minister, Muhoho Kenyatta, Uhuru’s younger brother, will be prime minister”. They made the allegation through a press statement.


The three senators have been gravitating to the politically besieged Deputy President William Ruto.

They said the schemes to undermine Dr Ruto are meant to cut his support in Mt Kenya.

“Standing in the way of a Kenyatta succeeding a Kenyatta is Deputy President William Ruto. Contradicting our conventional ethnic sensibilities, William Ruto has boggling and overwhelming support over Uhuru Kenyatta in the Mt Kenya region. Scientific research, keen observation and common sense attest to this fact. Yet, to achieve the goal of changing the constitution to enable a Kenyatta prime minister, Uhuru Kenyatta needs the Mt Kenya region,” the three senators’ statement added.

They said to weaken the DP politically, the State is likely to engage in “an erosion of the constitution and its institutions, wanton illegalities and more specifically the victimisation and coercion of elected leaders from Mt Kenya”.