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Gachagua Details How Ruto Will Change Ambassadorial Jobs



Deputy President William Ruto wants to change the model of ambassadorial jobs in Kenya if elected after the August 9 polls.

Speaking at an economic forum in Nandi County on Saturday, May 28, Ruto’s running mate, Rigathi Gachagua, detailed that Kenya Kwanza will offer two-year performance contracts to ambassadors serving under their administration. 

Gachagua added that diplomats will be primarily tasked with looking for international markets for various farm products adding that failure to get achieve the goal will lead to immediate termination.

DP William Ruto addresses a crowd during a Kenya Kwanza rally at the Msabaha stadium in Kilifi county on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.

William Ruto

“Any ambassador who will be given a role will sign a two-year performance contract. They will be obligated to look for a market for our farm produce and failure to do so will lead to termination and a replacement sought immediately.

‘This is because looking for a market for our foreign good is a key responsibility,” he stated.

Gachagua explained that Ruto’s government had prioritised the economic empowerment of Kenyans adding that the biggest beneficiaries will be local farmers and traders such as mama mboga (vegetable vendors).

The legislator made the revelation after a local trader lamented over the consumption of international goods in the Rift valley region yet they had the potential to export their farm products outside the country. 

“Most of these women are not even sleeping in their houses because of shylocks who offer loans at a high-interest rate. We do not watch TV because most of them were taken as collateral,” Rosa Chebet stated

“Give us tenders and money to business because we are able to do it and we can even supply the food supplies of State House. We can do it,” she pleaded.

Additionally, Gachagua stated that they would create a Ksh50 billion Biashara fund that will be allocated to traders who belong to SACCOs.

He urged traders eying the promise of low-interest loans to join the groups so that they do not miss out.

Currently, ambassadors do not have a term limit with the appointments made by the Head of State and approved by Parliament.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices in Nairobi.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs offices in Nairobi.


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