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Give sermons on national values to help fight graft, religious leaders told



Religious leaders have been advised to adopt national values in their teachings to help combat corruption.

“Education and adoption of national values in religious teachings is vital in order to foster a joint fight against corruption,” Archbishop Stephen Marete of the National Independent Church of Africa said on Monday.

He was speaking in Nairobi during a Multi Sectoral Initiative conference that drew leaders from the government, trade unions, civil society and media.

“Majority of the nation’s population considers themselves as religiously inclined and hence religious leaders are the tipping point of noticeable change in society,” a joint statement from the leaders said.

“MSI has full confidence in the Inter Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK) from a national to the grass root level to carry out and effective change and have an unshakable stance against the vice that is corruption,” it added.

EACC on September 26, adopted a study guide ‘Integrity: A Weapon Against Corruption’, to boost its fight against corruption.

The launch of the Bible Study Guide was done in partnership with the Inter-Religious Sector on Wednesday.

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EPSA Foundation Chair, Lee Karuri said they discussed the different forms of corruption with a view to having every person play a role in eradicating graft.

Sheikh Mohammed of SUPKEM said that although we affiliate to different religious beliefs we are all united in shared morals.

“The virtues of integrity, honesty and personal responsibility are universal truths that apply regardless of religion, creed and skin colour,” he said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has also repeatedly said the fight against corruption will be his biggest legacy.

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