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Give yourself wholly to service to gain fully



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Genuine giving is meant to be a free flowing way of being. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

There’s an easier way to go about things and that is for us to stop selling ourselves and start being valuable. Our value needs to be genuine and must come in advance of any promise of gain. Many who lack this information waste plenty of precious time “positioning” themselves instead of just getting down to the real work of becoming valuable based on their craft.

Being of service needs to be our default way of being with both strangers and those familiar to us. This invites people to like and trust us. With our likeability quotient increased, we influence others to naturally think of us when they encounter challenges that our services might solve. We gain the rare privilege of naturally attracting people, opportunities and rewards to ourselves.

It is quite common to hear disgruntled employees speak of low moral caused by low pay over the years. Consider this; low pay over the years is a reward for low service over the years. It doesn’t matter who we are or what we do or which organisation we do it at. Because of the precise nature in which nature works, it is impossible to give good and get bad in return.

If our current career opportunity doesn’t appreciate the good we give, we keep giving the good because our service is to the universe. Our employers are simply channels through which we serve. Continued good inevitably attracts a more appreciative employer to us. People who practice poor service convince themselves that it is because they are poorly paid and therefore not motivated. Why would an employer pay you more when you give less than what he/she expects? Such expectations are based selfish gaining rather than giving service. You’ve got to give the service to show cause why you should be recognised. Then and only then can you expect better pay and perks. ‘ never works.

No one could have put this more succinctly than Jane Willhite when she said; “Givers gain”. Ms Willhite’s quotation is based on the law of causation. Giving is the cord that binds us as humans in purpose towards and spirit is always for greater expansion and fuller expression of our best selves. nll It is for this reason that we all seek to do, have and become more.

When we honestly seek to be of service to others, we satisfy their need for increase and fuller expression of their spirits, goals and/or desires in one way or another’. It must be clear to all who interact with us that we not only do it but also take pride in doing so.

Genuine giving is meant to be a free flowing way of being. When giving without the expectation of regard, the universe organises itself to send abundant reward in our direction. The law of causation can be stated in many different ways; action and reaction are equal and opposite, energy always returns to its source of origination, what goes around comes around and so on. Now, knowing that energy returns to its source origination, would anyone intentionally send out unhelpful energy?