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‘Have cried and sobbed dearly’ Akothee deeply opens up about her toughest times



Akothee’s life is your source of entertainment but maybe she is not comfortable.

Life for her was very normal when she was just Esther Akoth but now life has become so hard for her to a point even going to a supermarket has become tough.

Akothee is not the only suffering because her children had it rough to a point she had to take them to Europe because they could not even enjoy small things like ice cream outside without people sneaking in to take pictures.

I woke up in the middle of the night, I read this again and again, have cried and sobbed dearly, I really want my life back, where I can walk freely on the streets and no one bothers me, oooh yes, I do get mixed feelings when I get out of my home, even the supermarkets have become too tight for me , I shop and pipo busy taking photos of me behind my back , Yes, my family is missing ESTHER AKOTH, that’s why I took the children to Europe, it was difficult to even go to a normal playground with them or eat ice cream , the boys hated it when people attacked them on the streets and taking photos of them! , I didn’t trust my little boys in the hands of anyone in Kenya, the hate and the love energy is the same, I don’t know who loves me and who don’t

The situation got worse for her because even the people she calls friends and family have gone against her to create fake accounts to spread nothing but hate about her.

This makes it difficult to figure out who loves her for real and who is just there because of the fame she has acquired over the past couple of years.

“My friends and people I knew before, have formed pseudo accounts to hate on me and still wants to sit and hug me! Everything sold to Akothee is either double price or triple, fake Asses everywhere! I do get tired of bouncers around me and so many people around me all the time! but I have realized I don’t own myself anymore!”

Akothee asks those who pretend to be fans but just hate that she will decline to take a picture with them because the haters go far and beyond to even befriend her family and close friends to kill her career and life.

I will do all kinds of shit on this wall until people leave me alone! I am an angel, so I could tell who is a fan who is a hater, so when you ask for a photo on the streets and I say NO, just think twice, I love my fans and I know who hates me, it’s all over their faces and you can feel the energy! I am surprised some of my haters befriend you and the girls behind my back, you people stay away from all this half grown women on social media! who wants to associate with you just to reach me! I only deal with mature women, I don’t remember the last time I went for Rhumba.

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But all in all, she has no control over everything in life and so she will leave it to God to take care of her and her family because she can not everywhere.

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