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His Excellence the Slaying Governor! Joho’s Air cut gets Hon Passaris Salivating Wet



Ali Hassan Joho is a man of consummate class and taste. The Mombasa governor oozes all these with ease and class. I will not lie, I admire his style!

Even Nairobi Women’s Rep Esther Passaris acknowledged that Joho is a slay “king” in probably an ode to excellent style. She said:

But a recent incident has shown that even though Joho’s style looks effortless he might actually put a lot of thought into it.

The Sultan as he is affectionately referred to attended the World’s first Blue economy conference this past week. Who knew that fashion and governance would go hand in hand at the conference?

Maybe, only the Sultan. Joho got a hair cut by top Congolese barber George Dafunda. The governor looked like a pleased client after the Congolese barber had finished trimming him.

Check out more images of his dope hair-do are below:

Story credit: MPASHO

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