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How comrades have benefited from sycophancy, mediocrity and hero worship



Where did comradeship go?in the 90’s during the glamour for multi-party democracy students are believed to have played a significant role in the second liberation,,am talking of many slain comrades like solomon muiruri the UON student leader who was murdered in cold blood sparking protests that nearly drove the dictator Daniel Moi out of power,,what is the difference ,unlike todays comrades who protest for weak WI-FI signals and stay relaxed when one of their own is murdered I mean Sharon Otieno,keep calm when the capital is turned a walking jungle cause they are comfortable with uber using the money the system pours to their pockets in the name of sponsors,,keep calm when one Aden Duale a vetirinary Diploma holder totally overhauls the democratic student election to that of awarding royal students who sleep with the adminstration when comrades want to be heard..

Todays comrades have learnt the art of benefiting from sycophancy,mediocrity and hero worship that is why sometimes you see them shout themselves horse on socialmedia for some cheap government positions…the other day I wondered how the University of Nairobi students wanted to take to the streets to protest against the tribulations of some attention seeking politicians like Bobi Whine while when a comrade,alumni and patriot Miguna Miguna was been drugged with substances and chased out of his motherland they didnt utter a word,,word has it that during the Bobi whine case their father Babu had exchanged dollars to send the boys to kula some mapilipili kwa macho,,what I mean is this comrades need to take up responsibility to save this nation from pirates..

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