How I went from making Sh. 950,000 monthly to sleeping hungry

After rising to the highest heights in the local music scene, rapper Collo went into debts that amounted to millions of money. This was followed up by unemployment, alcoholism and a broken relationship with his family.

Speaking during an interview, rapper Collo narrated how he used to make Sh. 250,000 while working as a copywriter in Nairobi. In addition to this, he would make another Sh. 700,000 to take his total monthly earnings to Sh. 950,000.

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“I was a copywriter getting Sh. 250,000 every month. And then, I also believed that it didn’t hurt to present a jingle idea to any of the client services within whatever account at any agency, so I was a supplier. In a month I would write at least ten jingles for different brands and it would give me lets say, Sh. 700,000 extra. Money was never the issue but I never saw that money because my spirituality wasn’t lit. That money ended up in creating more debts,” he said.

But despite his huge earnings, Collo he felt lost. He had also become an alcoholic. Then things changed for the worst. AT one point, the firm he was working for got a job from one of their biggest clients. Collo got into an argument with one of his superiors. The argument escalated and he was fired.

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“There were people who were giving the client a raw deal at that time. I said something I shouldn’t have said, or rather I said it innocently and it offended one of the bosses,” he said.

At the time, he owed a bank Sh. 3.5 million. He found himself so broke that he couldn’t pay for his daughter’s fees. Auctioneers came and seized his assets, including a car and title deeds to plots he had purchased.

Collo said that his life changed when he got saved. “I was a really disturbed person. And it was ugly, but I thank God because we are here to tell that story. I had a phone-book with over 5,000 contacts that I thought I knew. I thought I knew a real estate mogul, I thought I knew so and so. My friend, know Jesus,”

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