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How Pastor Ng’ang’a stagemanaged Rose Muhando ‘Demons’



By Fredrick Miruka

Reasons why I view the clip of Rose Muhando/’pastor’ Nganga scripted and well stage managed;

1. The ‘madimoni’ in Rose were well organised. They knew when to answer and when to keep quiet. Biblically, the power of God confuses demons and they scatter.

2. The ‘madimoni’ in Rose were very cautious and responsible. She straightened her skirt in the mid of fighting the demons but got lost in speaking in tongues (watch video at 0.26s). I expected her to remove her damn clothes because she was in another world.

3. The ‘demons’ knew when to come out. At the count of three. 1, 2, 3…camera, action! ?

4. ‘Pastor’ Nganga held the ‘demons’ (10 demons) in one grip and threw them out of her, twice. Shakara bakaka!

5. Pastor Nganga himself is a man of controversy. He has a crusade at Uhuru park this coming weekend. He knows he has been losing followers and to make a kill, he had to come up with a well scripted idea. Nganga is in business trying to make a come back. Most likely, the ‘pastor’ wants to open another branch in Tanzania and Rose will minister there.

6. Both ‘pastor’ Nganga and Rose Muhando are failed ‘ministries’. Thet are trying to resurrect their ministries/businesses.

6. At some point in an interview, Rose said she was once involved in an accident, reason why she got the scars. In the clip, the ‘demons’ took all blame.

Rose can make a come back if she wants. She has been a blessing to many through her songs (which were/are all hits). She don’t need to fake cheap publicity. If it is prayers, she knows the right channels.

Watu wa “do not judge”, please, I know the verse.

“Lakasha katoloko likama shakhalaba! rokoshokoko teke teke! Fire in the body! Fire!! rakakkkkkakaaa rabbbbabbbaaabbaa 1, 2, 3 toka na uende!”

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