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How to Achieve High Competence in Online Rummy



The game of rummy has been around for centuries and has become a tradition, especially at social occasions and family programs. However, no matter how simple rummy rules are, it takes hard work, strategy, dedication and focus to master the techniques that can help you to win. As the saying goes, practice makes one perfect, and rummy is no different. But all you need to do is be observant and hone your skills by learning something from each game to reach a high level of competency.

Here, we are going to tell you the ways of becoming a rummy expert and winning that coveted table in a rummy game.

  1. Be Alert and Observant

As a player, you should observe the moves your opponents are making, and keep a track of the cards they are discarding as well as the cards they picking from the open deck. That way you can guess the cards that are important to them and retain or discard your cards wisely. To develop this art, you need to play with competitive players and play a number of games. Just act smart and fast.

  1. Use Versatile Cards Smartly

Versatile cards and the Joker help form melds faster. This is why you should look out to gather versatile cards, though you also need luck for that. A player can easily meld the versatile cards into a run. For example, the 7 of any suit can be placed together with the 5, 6, 8 or 9 of the same suit. And, don’t forget to use the Joker in place of any missing card, except if you’re forming a pure sequence, which cannot have a Joker.

  1. Play Different Variations of the Game

Do not stick to only one version of the game forever. Do not shy away from playing different variations it has. Play different types of rummy games like points rummy, pool rummy, Indian Rummy. Giving different variations of the game a shot will only add more weapons to your armory of strategies as different versions employ different strategies.

  1. Do Not Keep Unmatched Cards for a Long Time

It is not wise to keep an unmatched card in the hand and wait for a long time to arrange it in a meld. It gives your opponents a hint about your hand and what you need to meld. So, try to change your sequences and sets as per the need. Confuse your opponents by discarding a card of which you may have a couple of cards. This will surely throw them off guard.  

  1. Play a Trick, Get a Treat

Learn and use more and more tricks whenever you play Indian rummy game. Tricks help you tricking your opponents into giving you the cards you need. For instance, if you have a Jack of Clubs and Spades, you may throw bait to your opponent by discarding a Queen of Spades, which might make them discard a Jack of Diamonds and get you what you need!

Bottom line

Play more, experiment more and learn more tricks and strategies. Compete with skilled players to become a pro and win big in the game!


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