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How Vladmir Putin travels – Kenya Satellite News Network



For a moment, imagine stepping out for work, onto a helipad where your personal helicopter awaits. Imagine having the most impressive, extensive, and bulletproof fleet of vehicles globally—From land to sea to high above the sky.

Vladimir Putin likes to travel in style, but his transportation methods feature some of the most advanced security and communications technology in the world.

Not only is there luxury, but plenty of countermeasures that keep the Russian President comfortably out of harm’s way. This is Luxury Zone. Today, we will be looking at how style meets security in the Russian President’s fleet. Whether by land, air, or sea, Vladimir Putin is known to not hold back or skimp out when it comes to his own safety or ability to control no matter where he is.

There are some incredible machines that Putin has crafted his fleet with—make sure you watch to the end to see what we have in store.

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