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‘I don’t think I have any regrets’ Rudeboy reveals



Rudeboy has no regrets in life. Paul Okoye, one half of the now disbanded P Square duo, had an epic falling out with his twin brother Peter Okoye.

Talking exclusive to Kiss FM, the Ifunanya hitmaker says he hasn’t had any regrets in life, even with losing a loved one.


“In any position you find yourself, people don’t like losing their loved ones. If you lose your loved ones you just pray to God to give you more strengths to move on. Nothing I can regret, if I regret I’ll tell you I regret my parent died. Its meant to happen or it will happen in future. I don’t think I have any regrets as long as I keep moving. There is nothing to regret. At everytime you are challenged, thats when you keep learning.”

Rudeboy’s current hit Chizoba is a song that many fans thought was a dedication to his twin brother. But he says that:

“Chizoba means God’s protection. The reason behind it is that life goes on no matter what happens. People have issues everywhere. People have issues in their families. Even if you’re gonna pass through that, you still need God to protect you.”

Khaligraph , Rude Boy
Khaligraph , Rude Boy

The singer is currently in Kenya for Coke Studio 2019 and has already collaborated with Khaligraph Jones in a song that will be released next year. But who are other Kenyan artistes he likes?

I’ve worked with Khaligraph Jones. I’ve also worked with Diamond before. I listen to King Kaka and I’ve heard Nyashinski’s work as well.

He also opened up that he is a dreamer of songs. I mean, he dreams something and writes it or records it down.

I do music with emotions. You know how you dream and wake up, usually what i dream and wake up, the sounds that I was hearing i record them on my phone. I record how the guitar and the drums and the instruments i heard in my dream.From there, I just go to the studio and start writing. If I’m 70 percent sure the song will do well, I record in the studio.


The Nigerian singer, who is set to release an album in 2019, talked of his experience in this Season’s Coke Studio.

“I was in a concert in Rwanda and my manager asked me if I was interested to be on Coke Studio, he gave me the dates. I was excited, this is what I do. With Khaligraph Expect two different patterns of music coming together which is the best way of doing music with the possibility of creating a great song. For me that wa the best part.”

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