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‘I looked into her eyes…’ Otile Brown recalls the first move he made to win Vera Sidika’s heart



Otile Brown and Vera Sidika are still a topic of discussion.

Before all the drama, we were shocked as to how the two got together in the first place. Vera has mentioned a couple of times that the two had been friends for a while and so their relationship just clicked.

Well, Otile has finally opened up during an interview with Campus Capital saying the pick line that attracted her to him was:

I looked into her eyes and told her you’re the most beautiful thing I have seen 

This he says is the line he used before he gave her the first kiss. Otile Brown also said that yes they were friends for a long time, so falling in love was something that happened automatically, nothing planned.

Seeing as the two lived together in Vera’s house, she made the effort to cook for her man back then. Otile Brown said that he enjoyed her byriani and pilau, while she loved his tilapia.

She cooked byriani and pilau for him and he has made her tilapia

Their break up has become a national issue because many of us were very much invested in their relationship. Things became worse when Vera publicly announced that Otile Brown has a small D, and  with a weak game in bed. You can read it all here with evidence of screenshots below:

‘He cared about conversation getting in someone’s hand and not how to improve his s3x game’ Otile begs Vera not to leak their s3xts









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