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I might cry when England wins a trophy but won’t shed a tear on my wedding day



I might cry when England wins a trophy but won’t shed a tear on my wedding day – Harry Kane

Harry Kane has joked with his fiancee Katie Goodland that he will definitely cry if England win a trophy but won’t guarantee that he will when they get married.

With England having the opportunity to qualify for the inaugural UEFA Nations League finals on Sunday if they beat Croatia at Wembley, giving them the prospect of playing for a trophy next summer, Kane may get the chance to shed tears over an England triumph before he ties the knot.

He said: ‘I always wind my missus up that I’d cry if we won a trophy with England. And she said if you don’t cry when I walk down the aisle then she won’t go through with it! I’m not a crier, I’m not someone who cries a lot. My missus has probably never seen me cry. So we’ll have to see what comes first.’

The England captain says that he would always burst into tears if England lost as a child and or when he lost a game, but managed to hold in his emotions when England lost to Croatia in last summer’s World Cup semi-finals.

‘When I was younger [I cried when England lost] and even, to be fair, whenever I lost football: or most games,’ he said.

‘The Croatia semi-final was a close one. Obviously it was a mixed bag of emotions when we went out.

‘Of course I was devastated when we went out but I didn’t want to go down in tears. I wanted to stay strong and be there for my team-mates, being one of the leaders in the team as well.’


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