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Important Guidelines to Note While Using Safaricom’s Sambaza and Okoa Jahazi products



Sambaza and okoa jahazi products are Safaricom’s services used by majority of its pre-pay customers.The two are correlated, especially when sending money to another customer, could be a friend, family member or colleague.

In order to effectively sambaza data or credit to another subscriber, the latter must not have any pending outstanding charges (okoa jahazi).

Typically, it’s only possible to sambaza to customers once they have fully settled all outstanding okoa jahazi resources.

In regards to this, for the past five years, the telco service provider has provided customers with the choice to offset outstanding okoa jahazi balances of their recipient before purchasing additional resources for them, such as data bundles.

Here is a sample procedure of such a transaction:

  • To sambaza a data bundle, dial *544#, select 98 to see more than pick option 13 to send a data bundle to another customer.
  • In the last step, should the customer have an outstanding balance, one is provided with the choice to also sambaza them additional airtime to offset their okoa jahazi.
  • Once you choose accept (to purchase resources and also offset the okoa jahazi) you are then directed to the M-Pesa menu and again asked to confirm the transaction including both amounts by keying your pin.

N/B: A customer has the option of not offsetting the recipient’s okoa jahazi and this means that the whole transaction is cancelled.

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