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Is this Willy Paul’s secret baby mama he plans to marry? (Photo evidence)



Gospel singer Willy Paul is in the limelight again. This time for hiding his three month old son with a beautiful baby mama only identified at Mali Queen.

In the past, Willy Paul has said that he is single and even posted on social media begging his female fans to “take me”.

He doesn’t seem to be the marriage type. However, it seems he has been keeping his private life hidden.

It turns out Willy Paul if the father to a beautiful son whom they have christened King Damian.

The photos of the cute tot have emerged online. Mali Queen posted the intimate moments online with a warning to groupies to keep off.

The post read:

“#QUEENMAMu with my boys…#kingpozze #kingdamian?? Yah’ll ladies his Fully taken and soon will be walking down the isle with the Mother to his Most Adorable son #KingDamian…Keep away ladies don’t bring him temptations…Pozze wa Mamuzze…#familygoals.”

In the past Willy Paul has stated categorically what he thinks of marriage:

“Marry a beautiful woman…gain praise from your friends. But cry every night in your own house.”

Mali Queen is also seen hanging out with Pozzo’s mum meaning, she is legit. A source told,

“The family known Mali Queen and from what I hear, they could be getting married soon. Most of the prerequisites to a wedding have been put in place. She even spent the past weekend hanging out with the mother,” the source whispered.

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Here are reactions by fans to the news, it seems like Willy Pozze is indeed heading down the aisle with the beautiful Mali Queen:

rahmasoi: Best new couple in town..awwwh adorbs!

goddess_k_254: ???? sooooo beautiful mashallah

fernandeznadine254: Can’t wait ??? the dresses are getting ready [email protected] uko wapiiii.

safamalik8592: Fam goals???

safamalik8592: Y’all look cute MA????

luckysuhura: My favorite couple Mamuze wapoze kiss for me kingdamiand mwaaah?.

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