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Isiolo women demand justice for the killed activist



Women activists in Isiolo have decided to seek justice for one of them who was murdered over land dispute allegedly by her neighbour.

Elizabeth Ibrahim, a human rights activist, well known for peace and conflict resolution matters was stabbed by her neighbour one week ago over a land issue at Manyata Kambi Garba in Isiolo County.

Ms Ibrahim was on the front line as a rights activist, peace champion and environmental and land rights defender.

Murdered on Monday, allegedly by her neighbour, while attending a burial, it was reported that the perpetrator lured her to a trap and fatally stabbed her.

Women activists march to the Isiolo County Commissioner’s office while holding placards during the demonstration

The women protesters said that being murdered is among the challenges and risks they face as they do their work.

The femicides have mostly been targeting women and girls especially women who fight for human rights.

Further, they petitioned for justice saying that the death of Elizabeth is among many others where perpetrators have not been brought to book.

Some of the unresolved cases they mentioned are: killing of Agnes Tirop, Esther Mwikali, Caroline Mwatha, Mercy Waithera, and Naomi Ngina, Maryl Franco from Brazil, Beta from Honduras. They vowed to voice their concerns by holding peaceful demonstrations country wide.

The County Commissioner Isiolo  Geoffery Omoding, promised to ensure the protection of human lives.

He also said that officers have been sent out to deal with the issue of land disputes and also affirmed that the perpetrator of Elizabeth Ibrahim will be brought to justice and his case is being pursued by the court.

The chairperson of Isiolo Voice of Women Network, Consolata Lomili, pleaded with the government to ensure that femicide cases have been put to an end.

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