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It’s not over! Check out the romantic gesture Eric Omondi did for his fiancée that made her cry



Just when we thought there was a storm in the paradise of Eric Omondi and Miss Chanty, he does the most.

A few weeks back, Miss Chanty posted a picture that left many of their fans with questions. She posted a black and white picture with the caption:

it’s funny how you think you know someone but you actually don’t

From research, the two had not posted each other on social media and we all thought things between them might actually just be over. We were used to Eric Omondi posting a lot of Chanty’s  pictures, declaring his love for her then boom! Crickets.

Neither of them addressed the issue immediately but Eric Omondi succumbed to the pressure of fans and said things between them are okay, in fact, he wants to fly out cattle as bridal price for his boo.

Read it all below:

All along, Chanty was not on his social media pages because she was away. She flew back into the country and the prestigious ushering she got makes me jealous.

Eric Omondi together with Bonfire Adventure hired dances to welcome Miss Chanty back to the 254. She was overwhelmed by all that and from the pictures and videos, she was very happy.

Love is a beautiful thing and the two have shown it loud and clear.

Watch the video below:

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