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‘I’ve never introduced Rose Muhando to drugs’ Gospel singer Kasolo shouts



Rose Muhando has been making headlines ever since a video went viral of her getting exorcised at Pastor Nganga’s church.

Pastor Ng’ang’a later claimed that Rose Muhando did not go through an exorcism but rather a spiritual healing process.

If anything, I wasn’t casting demons out of the musician,” Pastor Ng’ang’a.

Now, Rose did a song with a Kamba gospel artiste, Stephen Kasolo, called ‘Hautasumbuka Tena’

So the story doing rounds is that Kasolo is the one who hooked her up to some influential personalities. It even said that he is the one who took her to Pastor Ng’ang’a’s church.

His move did not go well with other gospel artistes who accused him of pushing her to do drugs.

But Kasolo has come out to deny the claims and speaking to The Nairobian, he made it clear that he did not introduce her to drugs or even having an intimate relationship with her.

“I’ve never introduced Muhando to drugs or had any intimate relationship with her. If anyone has evidence of that, they should come out and prove it. Some people claim that I’ve been hiding her. That’s not true. As a matter of fact, Rose’s relatives came for her to help her get further treatment and she left the country,” he told The Nairobian.

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