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Jalang’o Shares His Experience At The Infamous Sabina Joy Club (Video) –



The popular Sabina Joy Night Club is known for Sodom and Gomorrah. When night falls, the prostitution business booms and many clubs have changed their tactics to attract more customers. Gone are the days when prostitutes were hard to find.

Nowadays they are ready available at distinct joints and pubs. Those in Nairobi city can testify getting a prostitute is as easy as working into the shop and buy goods.

Men flock Sabina Joy to have a taste of the women; who charge from Ksh 100- 1000 for a good night.

Radio presenter Jalang’o is one of the men who have been to this place. The comedian explains on Kiss FM how easy it is to find ‘joy’ at Sabina Joy.

” Too much joy at Sabina. When you go up, your right turn is where the door of going to the rooms are. And it’s always locked until you get the key from the reception. And key means money… When you turn this way, we have the real joy. We have ladies lined up. Music at Sabina Joy is played from a Jukebox… So there’s nothing for free at Sabina Joy. And it’s happiness to death…”

More than 100 Nairobi men flock to Sabina Joy brothel daily to test waters

Jalang’o continued to divulge the cheap charges that the sex workers charge (Ksh 100); adding that the club operates 24/7.

Located along Tom Mboya Street, Sabina has been on limelight for the flourishing prostitution business.

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