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Jasper Murume aka Kasmani speaks on his dislike for social media publicity stunts



Jasper Murume

Jasper Murume aka kasmani is a popular Kenyan comedian, who without a doubt gets Kenyans laughing when he gets on stage.

In an interview with KISS Fm’s Shaffie and Adelle, he spoke out about celebrities on social media and bragging of wealth stating,

” Haikuangi poa.. it’s a lot of pressure.”

He adds that it’s just not right when celebrities or social media influencers, who have a large fan base, post photos beside lavish or posh cars that they probably don’t own.

Jasper Murume
Jasper Murume

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He argues that this fools Kenyans into believing they are rich, adding how the pressure to keep up can lead fans into depression as some of the followers would want to appear just as flashy.

Comedian Jasper Murume
Jasper Murume

He goes ahead to advice celebrities and popular trend setters;

” waonyeshe wewe ni msee mkubwa but you are living a simple life..”

However, he states that if you do travel, then one can be allowed to show off and giggles while stating;

” Lakini nikienda place kama Dubai lazima mtajuwa.”

What’s his advise about being on social media?

” Keep it REAL”

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