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Join State relief efforts to combat Covid-19, Wavinya tells counties




Transport CAS Wavinya Ndeti with locals during the food distribution exercise in Machakos. [Courtesy]

EasternCAS challenges counties to supplement the National government’s efforts to help Kenyans affected by the coronavirus pandemic

Transport Cabinet Administrative Secretary (CAS) Wavinya Ndeti has challenged county governments to supplement efforts by the National government to cushion Kenyans against the effect of Covid-19.

Speaking in Machakos town on Thursday during the distribution of foodstuff, masks, sanitisers to locals, the former Kathiani MP said it is high time counties came up with policies to streamline the distribution of food and provision of cash for vulnerable families to alleviate sufferings.

“I urge counties to supplement the government’s initiatives by formulating policies on provision and distribution of cash, food relief and non-food commodities for the elderly, orphans, unemployed and vulnerable members of the society,” she said.

The CAS hailed the national government’s Sh250 million weekly stipend to vulnerable families in the country, which started mid-April, saying should come up with similar programmes to buttress the national government’s efforts.“Even the government has realised that there are delays and pilferages during the distribution of relief food and are now sending money directly to the people to bypass brokers and logisticians,” she said.

Wavinya said the economic effect of Covid-19 has been felt across the country and the national government alone cannot help the vulnerable families hence the need for concerted efforts.She said immediate needs like food and water cannot wait for the long bureaucracies sometimes involved in the process of food distribution, saying serious policies must be adopted to supplement what State efforts.


“We must think outside the box and get ways of helping those who are suffering, hunger cannot wait for bureaucracies,” she said.Through the Wavinya Ndeti Oduwele Foundation Trust, the CAS said they have liaised with chiefs, assistant chiefs and other local administrators to identify the vulnerable families across all wards in Machakos County.

“We will be all wards of our county helping the vulnerable families during this tough times of the pandemic,” said Wavinya.She urged other well-wishers to come on board and join the efforts to help those in need of help.
She urged Kenyans to adhere to the directives from the Ministry of Health such as social distancing, washing of hands, wearing of masks and staying at home to contain the spread of the virus.

“Our people must not ignore basic things such as regular washing of hands, social distancing and wearing of masks to help contain the disease,” she said.Wavinya distributed foodstuff, masks, sanitisers to over 1000 families in the larger Machakos county.

The CAS was accompanied by Machakos Deputy County Commissioner, his Kathiani counterpart and local administrators.